Welcome back to the continuation of the story of the desk drawer. 

I had some great feedback from part 1 – I love hearing about your successes! If you missed it, check it out here

We left off at a cliffhanger – The previously out of control desk drawer that is now empty and the contents are either in the trash, in a donation box, in a box to be put away somewhere else, or in a box of stuff you just don’t know about yet, and the keepers waiting to get back into the drawer.

Let’s rejoin them.

  • Since the drawer is empty, do what you need to get it ready for a slimmed down, organized existence. I like to grab the all-purpose cleaner and wipe things down. May as well start fresh.
  • Take a look at what’s going back in. While your things are still sitting out relaxing, group them up, with like things together. When you know how many rubber bands you are keeping, you know what you need to corral them. Doing this helps you get a feel for ultimate glory.
  • You can definitely throw all the stuff back in the drawer willy-nilly, but I wouldn’t suggest it. With a big open space, things roll around and get crazy. And it absolutely invites you to toss all kinds of stuff in there, bringing you right back to the hot mess you started with. Let’s see if we can keep that from happening again, okay?
  • Which brings us to how to organize this drawer. Dividers, boxes, bins, bowls, dishes, containers of any kind that will fit might be great options. It depends on your budget, your style, and the way you use your things. Let’s see how this can look:

Here is a really classic organizing system that will work in about 93% of situations. Lots of sizes to work with what you’ve got and they fit together so well.


Another version like the organizers above, but these can stack if your drawer is deeper


Have you seen these kinds of dividers that adjust to fit in your drawer space? Super handy!


Here is a silverware drawer divider that will totally do the job!


How about some small baking sheets in a really shallow drawer? So clever!


What about making your own? You can get exactly what you need, give your drawer some extra pizzazz, and get those creative juices flowing.


This one isn’t a desk drawer (obviously) but see how they used some different kinds of containers? Thinking outside the divider box might yield some fun ways to organize.


  • Once you’ve got the way to corral your goodies, play around with placement. Have fun with it and be flexible. You might think the paperclips are for sure going to fit in a small spot, but after trying to shove them all in you might realize you need a different size.
  • How do you feel about labels? Labeling the bottom of a cubby spot could be helpful. Not required, but if you think it will help keep things neat and orderly, give it a try.
  • Once you’ve got it worked out, stare at it lovingly.
  • You may even want to get on social media and show it off. Or maybe that’s just me.
  • Close the drawer. And then open it again to see how wonderful it opens, how wonderful it sounds, how wonderful it looks, and how wonderful it will be to use.
  • To wrap things up, the other boxes need to be addressed. Do what you need to do with everything that’s left.
  • Call it a wrap.

What do you think? Doable, right?

What do you need help minimizing and organizing? Let me know and we can chat about it!




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