How are you? My days are starting to blur together, and I have such a different perspective of time. There is very little scheduled in my days, which is great for potential. Sadly, at the end of the day, I sometimes realize I hadn’t used my hours well at all.

But as I often say, we are all a work in progress. 

Today let’s talk about bedrooms, okay? Specifically, our very own bedrooms. We can catch up on kid bedrooms another time.

I am the first one to say that I love, love, love the idea of a master en suite. Bring on the space! Bring on the giant closet! Bring on the bathroom with all the bells and whistles! How wonderful to have a sweet seating area in my room to hide away.

I have had this beautiful setup. It was a pleasure to design and decorate. I worked on that space to make it so personal for us. And we really did love it.

But we also saw two big drawbacks for us:

  • We didn’t use it that much.
  • It was so much to maintain.

It felt romantic and fancy to have all of that. But even when our kiddos were young, we didn’t really “hang out” in our bedroom. I know some people do, and that’s cool. But maybe it’s time to look at ways to simplify the bedroom.

When we moved to our small house, we lost about half of the size of our bedroom. In fact, I realized that all three of our small house bedrooms could have fit inside our old master suite! I’m not going to lie, that was a little sobering. 

But we have not missed the giant bedroom space. We just do not use our bedroom other than for sleeping and dressing. It absolutely did not make sense to have more than what we have now, which is about 9 1/2 x 12’.

A smaller dimension is one option to simplifying, but so is clearing out clutter.

Sometimes, a bedroom has to have multiple roles, but here are some suggestions of what a bedroom is not:

  • Office
  • Gym
  • Laundry room
  • Storage unit

If you feel like your bedroom, your very own private space, is not speaking calmness, peace, or you-ness, would you like it to? Are you loving the amount of non-bedroom stuff that currently takes up residence there? 

When we first moved to the small house, we tried to make our bedroom more than it could be. We had a rocking chair in the corner for chilling in, I had a collection of antique hat boxes in a corner (another collection), and we piled all the things on our bedside tables. It was crowded! But we thought we loved it, because we had these things before.

When we decided to simplify even more, we sold the chair, downsized and moved the collection of hat boxes (seriously, one was completely falling apart!), and made some rules about what the bedside tables were for. We felt like we could breathe in there – It felt so much better!

Can you give the equipment and possessions piling up in your bedroom the stink eye and make a plan to create a space that feels more like what you want? Are there things in your bedroom that belong in other places? What if you just start there and see for yourself what a difference that can make.

Do you love your bedroom? Have you already gone through this process and found success?

Do you need help? I would love to consult with you. Send a photo and we can talk!


  1. Lauren bonney says:

    I didn’t know all the bedrooms could fit in the big house master room! That is a strange way to think of it. I make sure to keep our dresser tops simplified and try to keep our bedside tables pretty clutter free (although some of us aren’t as good as others 😉).

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