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After a beautiful weekend and some yard work that I didn’t want to do, but am so glad it’s done, I’m happy to be back inside today. I want to share some hints that can be so helpful to anyone wanted to declutter and organize a space. I shared Liam’s closet last week, and thought we could  deep dive into how Liam and I made this closet work so much better for him. 

Here’s where we started:

And here is where we ended up:

  • First, as much as I wanted that closet organized, it was not going to happen until Liam was ready. But there were a few things I did to help get him there. When I saw him have to work around something to get to what he wanted, I would point that out. Not in a rude way, just gently helping him to see how that had happened. Liam had also done the classic move of throwing things in there that just didn’t serve him anymore, like kid toys, and then forgetting about them. Other things, like clothes, slowly became unworn and unloved. Add the fact that he would like to move out soon, I had taken the time occasionally to have the small conversations with him about the stuff he was hanging onto. 
  • By the time you are ready to declutter something like a closet, you probably know some of the things that need to go. That’s the easier part of knowing what to keep. But throughout the process, it’s super important that you keep making the decisions on everything you see and touch. Nothing is sacred – Everything gets interrogated. Use this chart to help make the decision making moving along.
  • In any organizing / decluttering project, I absolutely recommend that you set up four bins or piles or whatever to sort the stuff. One is for trash, one for donations, one for things that belong in another room, and the last one for the things that will stay. As you pull each item out, determine what pile it goes to and then move along to the next thing. For this closet, we started with the top shelf first, sorted all the things and then moved everything but the keep pile out of the room. That kept us from tripping over it, but it also was motivating. And we didn’t get distracted by those things – they just went on their way.
  • We went on to sort through what was left – clothes, books, ties, bins, drawers. Each time we used the same basic pattern – give each thing the stink eye to see if it was worthy to have a home in the closet. If so, it went in the keep pile. If not, it went to the pile that was befitting for it’s future. Some things, like Lego creations, all went to the Lego pieces boxes we have in another room – we didn’t go through those one by one (hi, we are still working on this closet.)
  • When we were ready to reload the closet, I helped Liam to see how he uses that space by asking him questions – How often do you need to get to this thing? Is this a memory thing or a useful thing? These kinds of questions helped him to know what to put where. Basically, you want to have easier access for things that are most used and less so for the things you reach for occasionally.
  • We for sure had a few ideas that we thought would be fabulous, but then it wasn’t. It’s all good! We tried something else, or maybe a few something elses, and got it working better. Sometimes you may have to live with the new arrangement for a few days to know if it’s not quite right. Again, no worries. Keep at it – you will totally get it.
  • We added a few things to help with organizing what was left. Did you notice the hook for the camera bag? You know I love me some hooks to use wall space. It’s because it is a sneaky way to get more usable storage out of a space. Bring it on. We also brought in another set of little drawers that was floating around Liam’s room that worked brilliantly for his treasures. 

Once we got a bunch of stuff out, then Liam could see the potential his closet had to serve him better, which is ultimately what the goal is for any decluttering / organizing project. Now he is using that closet like a rock star. 

What do you think? Can you see how these tips and tricks might help you in your next decluttering project? Let me know how you plan to use them!




  1. Lauren Bonney says:

    Giving items the stink eye is the best way to determine if it still has a use in your home. And it’s my favorite part! 🙂

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