08I love Christmas lights. I love the white ones, the multi-colored ones, the single colored ones (any color), the blinking ones. There are lights that do all kinds of colors and blinking patterns that are so fun. 

I love the ones that are obviously done by someone with lots of experience, but I also am a huge fan of the ones that are set up a little wonky. 

I love the houses that are covered in lights, and the ones that have a single string.

I imagine people hanging them on their homes. I know sometimes it’s a chore, but the end result is so festive that I’m sure no one can truly hate putting them up. In fact, I’m convinced that most people are pretty happy with putting up Christmas lights.

How can they not be?

Because bringing light into the darkness is pretty special and happy people don’t miss that. They just don’t.

  • Light brings truth. We can see in the light. Christmas lights help us to see goodness in others.
  • Light is energy. Decorative displays of light bring an artistic energy that others can feel. 
  • Light is an influence for good. Can anyone look at Christmas lights and feel like they want to do bad? 
  • Light gives life. Christmas lights give life to the spirit of Christmas, of joy, beauty, and specialness.

And isn’t it cool that we can do that in our own unique way, putting our own beauty out into the world?

I actually only hang one strand of lights outside. Because I like to keep things simple, that works for us. The strand has the bigger, colored bulbs and it is entwined with a strand of greenery. Each year I can unroll it from the bag, hang it on the four or five nails that are above our front window, plug it into the timer, and it’s ready to go. 

I’m such a fan of neutrals that this one strand of big colored lights really stands out. 

I leave them up all through January. It’s such a dark time of the year that I feel the extra light out there is valuable. I am providing a service – joyful colorful lights in the darkness. A bright spot in the world right there on my front porch.

I will admit, this is a little corny and optimistic and hopeful. I know not everyone sees Christmas lights the way I do. But have you noticed that what we look for, we usually find. I tend to look for the good in things.

Do you love Christmas lights? I would love to hear what you think!



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