How are you holding up?

Life has a way of happening, doesn’t it?

Like most of you, I have been swinging between lots of different thoughts, feelings, and levels of fear the last few weeks. I sometimes feel helpless and useless, and then other times I make choices that help me to feel like I have some control.

I thought we could talk about that today. Choices.

I’m not a pro at making all the correct choices all the time. There are lots of things I choose that I either full-on regret or at the minimum, I like to pretend didn’t happen. (I thought about giving a few examples, but I am pretending they didn’t happen. Think lame things – hairstyles, color and/or decor choices, recipe fails.) But even though I don’t always nail it, I keep trying. I believe we get that opportunity for course correction that allows us to continue to learn, grow, and become a better version of ourselves.

My usual practice these days is to keep things simple. I haven’t always scored well in this. I have tried on lots of different style types (including a Martha Stewart wannabe) that I lost myself for a while. I think a lot of people go through this, and I am in complete awe of those who know who they are and stick with it in confidence. Not that I believe they never have moments, but I am a huge fan of their efforts.

As I have gone through the process and effort of unpacking who I am, there has been lots of denial and discovery. I was thrilled to discover that I am perfectly happy wearing basically the same outfit everyday (I have multiple black t-shirts, long and short sleeved). But there was a time in my life I would have been mortified to do so. There are other, deeper things in my life that I have gone through a similar process with and I have come to some really good conclusions for myself. 

The subtitle for Small House Great Love is “Choosing a Simpler Life”. I didn’t want to use “I chose a simple life once  and now I hope my daily thoughts, feelings, and actions reflect that”. Besides being wordy, It’s not how I want to go forward. While my success with choosing simple in the past leads me to keep doing that, it is still a decision I get to always make. I admit that may sound exhausting (and sometimes it is), but isn’t it fantastic that we get to keep choosing? I love that I can keep evolving what simple means to me each day and then use my thoughts, feelings, and actions to show my commitment to me and my choices.

I should say, that simple does not guarantee easy. Obviously a recipe with 5 ingredients and 2 steps (combine and serve) is simple and easy. Landing on simple does may be lots of work, especially at first. It may take lots of consistent effort and time to achieve uncomplicated.

Here are a few ways that I choose a simple, straightforward life:

  • People. I love them. There may be other things I must do to stay safe (emotionally, mentally and/or physically), but I always try to show love. 
  • Calendar, I use it. For everything that comes up. And then I can see where I can edit if necessary.
  • Home. You know it’s small. and we did that on purpose. We keep the things that have value – useful or otherwise – and are always on the lookout for stuff creep-age.
  • Wardrobe. Black t-shirts. What else can I say?
  • Menu. I usually have the same breakfast and lunch every day. I’m good with that. Dinner is where I like to use my creative food vibes.
  • Finances. Getting out of debt is a terrific way to simplify finances – There is so much less to keep track of and to worry over. Also – I shared how we do money here.

The thing to really remember is that choosing simple is a journey. You can jump all in and clean up your calendar for instance, but you must determine each day to keep it simple, whatever that means to you.

Can you see yourself choosing simple? Maybe you can start with just one area of your life. That would be the simplest way.

Let me know what you think.



  1. Lauren bonney says:

    I choose simple by only owning books that have made a difference in my life. Other than kids books, I have less than 50 books in my house. Which doesn’t sound like a little bit for how avid of a reader I am, it’s pretty small!! ❤️

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