How are you? It’s Thursday, which is pretty much the weekend in my world. 

We are headed up north this weekend, which is what Michiganders do for fun. You think in Michigan, we have just the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula, and you are not incorrect. But we also informally divide the Lower Peninsula into “up north” and “down state”, with a sketchy, not super determined line about halfway up the state, to geographically reference our state. We’re cool like that.

Anyway, we are going camping. It’s a pretty good way to get away, not spend a ton of money, and to keep physically distant from others, even at a campground. We are planning to hike, find a few waterfalls to play in, visit a dark sky park, sit around a fire, sleep in, and eat terrific camp food (we love dutch oven cooking). 

We’ve been camping forever. We loved taking our kiddos while they were growing up, and even though there were times in each of their lives when they didn’t love it, they are all camping fans today. 

Camping is like living in a small or even a tiny house. Very few possessions, very little indoor space, not much to take care of, and lots of time available for experiences you want to have. Whether you camp in a 28 foot RV or a pup tent for one, you just don’t have as much stuff to get in the way of life. It kind of gives a glimpse of a simpler way of living.

Because we’ve been campers for a while, we have most of our gear in totes, ready to go in the truck. We don’t even have to think about whether we have those things – they are there. Things like the tent, dishes, games, matches, and the axe. But of course, there are some things that get packed just before we hit the road, and the last time we camped, we got a little too confident in our memory to bring along everything we would have liked. Like chairs. Really? Not sure what that was all about.

We used to use a checklist every camping trip, but somehow it got lost when we replaced a computer some years ago. Plus, we thought we were so cool because we have done this a thousand times, and we store so much of our camp gear together. But not everything we use for camping is just for camping, hence the forgotten chairs. We obviously need a list so we don’t have to stand the whole time we are camping.

And look what I found! A super cool Camping Checklist that you can check the boxes on and it’s stored in your browser storage. They also have a printer friendly version if that’s your style. It’s mine.

Looking over the suggested list, I see binoculars. We have those and have never thought to bring them along. That would be such a fun thing to have on our hike. I also see hot chocolate. It might be a little chilly where we are going, and that’s something to think about bringing.

And I also see a small sewing kit on the list. Could be a good idea, but hopefully we won’t have to darn our socks or stitch up a wound.

Do you camp? Do you hate the idea of it? Are you an RVer or a tenter? Let me know!


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