How are you doing? Having a good week? Is your new normal doable or are you frustrated/worried/freaking out about your current situation?

No matter what’s going on on the outside, how things are going on the inside can look really different. We might look like we’ve got everything under control, but we are a hot mess on the inside. Have you ever felt like this? For me, it’s a confidence thing. For the most part and with some things, I am confident and have my act together. But in other ways, I am unsure of myself and what I can bring to the world. I know I am not alone in this. 

Which is why I thought I would share this great little video about self-compassion. 

But before I do, let me show you what I found in the thesaurus (which by the way, I LOVE the thesaurus!) about compassion:

benevolence, empathy, grace, humanity, kindness, mercy, sorrow, sympathy, tenderness, charity, consideration, heart, humaneness, softheartedness, softness, tenderheartedness.

Aren’t these just the best? Don’t you just love when others show compassion? Whether it’s toward you or someone else, you cannot help but feel all the love when compassion is in the air.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to give ourselves a little more kindness, empathy, mercy, and softness when we are feeling frustrated, worried, freaked out, sad, or foolish? 

Hence, the video I want to share. It’s just a few minutes long, but it’s got the best message for being gentle with ourselves.

Let me know what you think!





  1. Hi Teresa, thank you for this message! I love it! I try not to get down on myself too much, especially since I retired. I am the boss of me and God gives me direction of which I try to follow. I recently had a health scare. All is well but I Need to make better choices with my health. I’m working with a dietitian on my weight. And I’m even owning it and saying it out loud, that I am working to get in better shape with my health. I appreciate having you in my life, you are so encouraging and loving. Hugs

    • Oh my goodness Nora – I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had a health scare! Way to go on making those choices for yourself to be kinder to you. I miss hanging out with you. Hopefully we can meet up soon! Hugs back at you!

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