How are you this fine Monday morning? We had lots of project work this weekend – think camper and Bag of Tricks. It was so great to take it easy yesterday to honor the Sabbath, take a walk, and get to bed early-ish.

Do you ever feel like you don’t really know what you are doing? Oh, you probably know what you are doing physically at this moment, but I mean in a general sense. Do you have dreams and goals you are working toward? Can you see yourself in five or ten years, and what that looks like? Do you have a standard or a guideline that keeps you focused?

I sometimes struggle with these kinds of questions. I am terrible at seeing my future, even if it’s just imagining it. It’s hard for me to see much different from where I am and what I have right now. Sure, when things are not terrific and they are in my control, I will focus and guide things a better way. But that feels like the present, not the future.

All of this to say, what?

Some of us just aren’t fabulous at setting goals.

I love this thought from Pablo Picasso:

I begin with an idea and then it turns into something else.

I know I am not alone in feeling like a big faker sometimes. I’ve felt it in so many different ways – as an artist, as a blogger, and as a business developer. (Even typing those out I want to downplay. Who am I to say I am any of these things?) Imposter Syndrome is for real. If others only knew how little I know what the heck I’m doing, no one would pay attention. I hope you don’t have this struggle, but if it has a name, you just might.

I feel like Picasso. I start with a thought, a hope, a dream. I imagine how it could be something. I try to plan it out, work on the details, set things in motion, and try to see it through. But honestly, I do so much better if as I am deep diving into a brilliant (ha!) idea, I try to stay open to what develops. 

It is key that we do the deep dive though. Nothing will turn into something without our effort. If we sit on our hands and wait for the dream to happen, we’ll be sitting in place for a long time and our hands will probably lose circulation. (Hey, if that’s your goal, good job.) 

But who knows what fantastic things may come our way when we get to work! Begin with any idea at all, give it some attention and effort, and be open to the possibility it may go another way than you might have thought. You may end up with something that you don’t love, but what if it’s amazing? What if it’s just what you were looking for all along but you didn’t know it? 

If it’s a stinker, appreciate that you tried and take the lessons onto something else. You can learn lots from the things that  don’t make your heart sing, including what really makes it sing out. 

You may be like me, not really knowing what you are doing. I’m thinking that that’s not all bad. Be flexible in your efforts. Pay attention to what feels right, to all the good vibes.

Can I invite you to try? Start with an idea and see where it takes you.

What are you going to do? Let me know!


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