I hope you had a terrific Labor Day Weekend. 

It’s time to let you in on what I’ve been up to (with the time that I’m not using to keep extra stuff) and I am pretty darn excited about it. I have a new side gig –

The Bag of Tricks!

You may remember that this is one of my favorite little kits. I have shared the glories of having this bag with me wherever I go and using it often to handle little emergencies. It opens up wide so you can see all the way in it, and it’s super easy to toss in any purse or bag you are using.

It is just so dang handy that I’ve decided to create The Bag of Tricks Co!

Each bag is handmade and is filled with a dozen useful essentials including:

Hand lotion

Hand sanitizer

Nail clippers

Emery board

Disposable mask (sealed)



Safety pins

Lip balm


Tooth brush (travel)

Tooth paste

Lint brush

Small jar (for meds, etc)

All of these things do not even fill up the bag so there is some space to make it even more useful and personal for you.

And there are lots of colors and patterns to choose from!

I’m super excited to offer these on facebook and on etsy. I have them in a cute consignment shop called “The Local”  in Saugatuk, and I am planning to attend an outdoor craft show in October as well. 

Thanks for letting me show off my new adventure. This is another one of those somethings  that I am doing. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me!






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