How are you today? Having a good week? I sure hope so!

One of the best things about downsizing your home is that you don’t have to spend so much dang time cleaning and maintaining it. I know I’ve mentioned that when we moved from our big house we went to 3 ½ baths to 1 ½ and I love that there are half as many toilets to clean. And it just gets easier from there – less time needed to mop, mow the lawn, dust cobwebs, and vacuum. More time for what is more interesting and important, like growing a garden, playing card games, working on family history, or whittling. 

I thought I would make a suggestion today on something super worthwhile to occupy all the bonus time you might have freed up by downsizing or minimizing (or even if you haven’t downsized or minimized) – Serving others.

Serving others is one of those things that will always always bless the server. There are two great commandments that Jesus Christ taught – Love God and love your neighbor. Helping another is pretty much an action of love and compassion, which is exactly what Christ taught with His words and the way He lived His life. When we follow His example, we can have all the goodness come back to us.

Science supports this, too. Whenever I need health advice, I almost always head to Mayo Clinic. When I was looking for info on the benefits of volunteering, they did not let me down. They are way ahead of me on this one. 

Let’s look at the 6 benefits together, shall we?

  1. Volunteering decreases the risk of depression. Absolutely! When you get out and serve others, you tend to forget yourself for a while. Not only that, you socialize and build a support system. All good things.
  2. Volunteering gives a sense of purpose and teaches valuable skills. Yes! When you contribute to the well being of others, you feel strong and special. And who knows what kinds of things you may learn along the way. I’ve served at enough large dinners that when it came time to plan weddings with our kiddos, I knew all kinds of tricky tricks.
  3. Volunteering helps people stay physically and mentally active. Who doesn’t want to stay physically and mentally active? 
  4. Volunteering may reduce stress levels. Yep. As you serve others, you just feel good. It makes sense that when you feel good, you feel less stress. 
  5. Volunteering may help you live longer. And living better longer. Bring it on!
  6. Volunteering helps you meet others and develop new relationships. Which in turn also helps with depression, finding a sense of purpose, staying physically and mentally active, reducing stress levels, and living longer. Holy cow – how much better can things get?

Everyone can serve somehow! Look around – there are probably people in your life who could use a hand. Maybe a dinner, a night of babysitting, yard work, or helping decorate for a party. Maybe it’s just being with someone and lending a listening ear or watching a movie together. It can be a little challenging in the limited physical distancing situation we’ve got going on at the moment, but it’s a great time to get creative – Think outside the box.

If you are looking for something a little more structured, check out these websites. There are so many who could use you and your specialness!

Just Serve

Volunteer Match

National Service

What are your favorite ways to serve? Please share!


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