I hope you are well! I’ve been home for a week with my family, trying to stay in touch with loved ones online. I am so grateful for these resources we have! 

If you are home and feeling ready to undertake an organizing project, good for you! There is so much great information out there to help you with whatever you’ve got going on. I have a few things that may help here and here

My most recent project was the linen closet that would not be conquered. Now that it is clean, white, and organized, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about some of the things to be learned from getting a space in shape.

I came up with nine, but there are lots more.

1. A plan is important. It can be super tempting to jump up when the mood strikes to take on a space you want to get under control. Believe me, I’ve been there. But what usually ends up happening is a big stall – as in, “I have all this stuff out all over and now I don’t know what to do”. Discouragement stinks. And it leaves a bad taste in your mouth for future projects.

2. But don’t be afraid to tweak the plan. The thing with an organizing project, you will most likely have to be flexible with your plan. And you should be. You may be convinced of one thing, but if it’s awkward or doesn’t feel quite right, noodle on it. Play around with it. You’ll land on what feels good. 

3. Make sure you have time. If you are thinking about taking on a bigger project (the garage, the bathroom, or even a closet), know that it is going to take more than a few hours. If you only have a few hours, make a plan for a good stopping point. And have a plan for when you are going to get back to it. It is rotten having an unfinished organizing project hanging around. 

4. And space to work. One of the best ways to be really successful in an organizing project is to empty everything out. So it really helps to be able to spread out while you are working. I have cleaned out a cabinet with only a couch to throw things on. It was kind of a mess, with stuff falling all over – Just picture that. I’d recommend setting up a card table or pulling a table close. Or create some space on the floor. 

5. Details are important. In my closet, I really wanted to get all the shelves the same color. For a long time I didn’t think that bothered me so much. But this time, it was important and getting that right made such a difference. I also wanted all the labels on my boxes to look a certain way. That is just me. If you think an element is meaningful, try to make it happen.

6. But don’t make yourself crazy with them. It can be easy to let details sidetrack progress. (Hello stuff everywhere for weeks because the white shelf paper I want is not available.) Again, it helps to be just a bit flexible here. Remember you can adjust the plan as you go.

7. Be choosy about what goes back in. Just because you pulled it out of there, doesn’t mean it has to go back, especially when you’ve worked so hard to get a space ready for its purpose. If something won’t be contributing to that space, move it out.

8. Not every space has to be filled. Really. Enjoy the empty space. Let your possessions breathe. It will make it easier for you to breathe, too. It will also make your lovely space easier to work if you add things later.

9 Anyone can do this. Especially you. It’s basically emptying a space, cleaning and prepping it, deciding what to put back in and how, playing with it a bit, and then using and enjoying it. It may take some practice, but you’ve got this.

What other things have you learned from organizing something? 

What are you going to tackle next? Can I help? Let me know!


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