Life can be messy. 

I don’t want to assume your life is or that it ever has been or it might be in the future. But I think it’s safe to say for the vast majority of people, life can get a teeny bit muddled at some point.

Why is that? What the heck is making it so complicated? I’m sure no one starts out with that intention, but nonetheless, it happens. Sometimes it creeps in slow, maybe so slow you don’t even notice. Or maybe it happened – bam! – all of a sudden with a tricky situation or a trial that is now front and center. 

The thing I’ve noticed is that when life is in a messy phase, I’m just trying to keep up, to have some sort of success that makes me feel like I can keep up with whatever is going on. For minor things, like a flat tire or a bad hair day, I can wing it until the mess has passed. For bigger things, the things that may be here to stay and will take more than what I can quickly throw at it, I sometimes need to think outside my toolbox.

Let me just say, I have very few answers for all the many ways life can throw curve-balls at us. I come today with a few suggestions to practice bringing just a bit of confidence into our lives. I hesitate to use the word control – who really has too much of that?  My belief is that God is the one that has the control, and we are working within the space we are granted. I don’t want to suggest that the ideas I am sharing will cure or replace anything – They are just notions that may help you to carry on.

In no particular order and so completely random:

1. Smile at people.

I know. Strange way to start a list of simplifying your life. (Reminder – I did say random.) But here is what I have discovered. When you smile at people, a lot of times they smile back. And there is something to be said about all of this smiling. It makes life a little happier. It may help you see things with a different perspective. I don’t know – it just seems like a good idea, too.

2. Clear a spot on your kitchen counter. Or bathroom counter.

Recently I was sick with the flu. Sick like I have not been sick in forever. While I was down, my sweet family took such good care of me and the house. I was so grateful! But the moment I felt the least bit of energy to care, I cleared a spot on my kitchen counter. I felt such power to see that cleared off space! And then I went and laid down on the couch. My point is this – even a little victory can allow you to rest, knowing there will be energy another day.

3. Keep your work bag packed.

This is a goody from Darren. He needs the same things everyday for work and he keeps all that, plus a bunch of stuff he might need, in his handy dandy backpack. No need to think through this every single morning – It’s done. He fluffs it up every day with a fresh peanut butter sandwich, a snack and his water bottle, and he is good to go. Makes the morning a smidge more simple.

4. Clean out a social media feed.

Scrolling through Instagram is something I love to do. But when I start seeing stuff that makes me feel like I’m not measuring up, it’s time to simplify the feed. A quick unfollow of the accounts that bring up feelings that I’m not enough is super liberating, and super easy to do. I want to see the things that inspire and uplift. And of course, all the @cheapoldhouses that I want to buy every single one of.

5. Say yes.

To you. Say yes to taking time for yourself. What an idea, right? So simple. But when you say yes to you, you must say no to something else for this to be effective. Only you know what the right things are for you, but allow me to make a few suggestions: Yes to sitting on the couch and looking out the window. Yes to hot chocolate. Yes to making friendship bracelets. 

What do you like to do to simplify your life? What else would you add to this list? I would love to hear your random suggestions!



Photo by Jason Abdilla on Unsplash



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